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Jinn Ki Hazri Ka Quranic Tariqa or Amal

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Jinn Ki Hazri Ka Quranic Tariqa or Amal

Jinn Ki Hazri Ka Quranic Tariqa or Amal

Jinn Ki Hazri Ka Quranic Tariqa or Amal ,” In Quran at several places Allah talks about the knowledge of the book. This is the secret knowledge that all Aulia Allah are given as a gift. In Quran Allah says about Hz Asif bin berkhia (Alaihis salam) , the Wizier of Prophet Sayyedina Sulaiman (Alaihis Salam) that “he said that i can bring it (the throne of Bilquis,Alaihis Salam) in the blink of an eye. And i gave him the knowledge of the book”.

Meaning Hz Asif Bin Berkhia (Alaihis salam) who was a jin, used that knowledge to bring the throne.

Please note that according to hadis revealing that knowledge is kufur (Forbidden) in islam.

If you want to learn this secret knowledge this is what you do.

For 41 nights after Esha salah alone in a dark room, read this ayet 100 times every night, from Quran chap 30

“Bal hova kuranun macidün fi lo hay mehfuzun”

Darood/Salavt 11 times before and after the wazifa.

On the 41st night some one will appear in front of you. Do not be scared. He will not harm you at all. Ask him that you want to learn the (Ilim ul Kitab), knowledge of the book. He will teach you

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